Shipping Costs

  • Every Order is qualified for FREE shipping

Sales Tax

Aside from any shipping costs, your order is also free of sales taxes. We are do not charge taxes for US customers.

Please note that due to the Coronavirus, parts of the buraza Logistics shipping and delivery policies have experienced temporary modifications.

All our products are currently stored in our USA warehouses, we currently have 26 warehouses all over USA, depend on your location, we will ship products from the closest warehouse to your location, usually it takes 2-7 business days (usually 2 business days)  once the order is being processed.

Order Processing Time (General Products) :

Items will be shipped from our warehouse within 3-8 business days after the order has been placed.

Shipping Times (General Products)

Because different products are distributed in different areas, please refer to the specific handling time on Product Details page on the Marketplace. 

Shipping Times (Oversized Products)

Note: Oversized items are delivered differently.

Due to essential additional measures that need to be taken when shipping oversized items (including but not limited to: contacting the end customer to confirm shipping information), Oversized Items will be shipped from our warehouse within 3-8 business days after the order has been placed.

To learn more about the required measures that need to be taken for oversized items, please review the requirements on the product descriptions of items.

US Delivery Locations

Our delivery services are currently only available to locations within the continental United States.

Overseas territories are excluded. Delivery to the following states is not supported: Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or oversea Armed Forces.

Please note: we currently DO NOT ship to PO Boxes.

Shipping Types

Your order means a lot to us, which is why we are dedicated to providing fast, safe, and reliable delivery services for all of our products. Deliveries are typically made Monday through Friday, and you can find delivery options for each item on its product page as well as in cart.

Items are divided into two categories for shipping:

Small Items

  • Sent via UPS or FedEx.
  • Shipping options that list the speed of delivery.
  • Packages less than 150 lbs.

Large Items

  • Sent via trusted carriers that specialize in handling large items.
  • Shipping options that list the type of delivery.
  • Typically take 3-10 business days for delivery.


We cannot ship to P.O. boxes or military APOs. 

Shipping Updates & Alerts

Communication is key – we’ll keep you updated throughout the shipping process with email.

Item Never Arrived (Lost in Transit)

Can’t Find Your Package?

Missing packages can be stressful, but not to worry! Most items turn up for our customers within six days. Here are some things to try:

1) Check that your shipping address is correct.

Let’s make sure we shipped to the right place. Current shipping addresses are listed under “Deliver To:” on the My Orders page.

2) Check around your home or building, or with neighbors.

Boxes may have been left at backdoors, hidden behind bushes, or at the address next door.

3) Give it six days.

Sometimes carriers incorrectly scan packages that are still in transit. That means that your package could be marked as “Delivered” even though it’s still on its way to you. We completely understand the frustration! But your package is likely to show up within six days of a false scan

4) Check your mailbox or anywhere else you receive mail.

Carriers deliver differently, especially if the package is small enough to fit inside your mailbox.

5) Check for a notice of attempted delivery.

This notice will tell you the steps you should take to receive your package.

Contact the Carrier

  • Use your tracking number to start a claim with the carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.).
  • To contact FedEx, call 1-800-463-3339.

Tried everything? We’ll fix it!

Contact Us

Updating Shipping on an Order


Before an item has shipped, or is in the process of shipping, you can easily edit the details of your order online. From My Orders you can
cancel, change the delivery method, or change the shipping address for each item.


Updating Orders In Transit


Once an item has shipped, a few extra steps are required to make adjustments. Unfortunately, items already in transit cannot be expedited.


FedEx or UPS


If you have a FedEx or UPS tracking number, you can update your order through FedEx
Delivery Manager
 or UPS My Choice. Both give you the ability to:


  • Hold or delay packages
  • Pick up from a local FedEx or UPS location
  • Deliver to another address
  • Delivery on another day
  • Schedule a delivery window
  • Sign for packages online

All Other Carriers


If your item is not being shipped by FedEx or UPS, it’s considered a large item. You can make these changes to orders for large items:

Reschedule the delivery date and/or time window:


  • Follow the instructions listed in your schedule delivery date confirmation email.
  • Delivery dates cannot be adjusted within 24 hours of scheduled deliveries.

Change the delivery method:


  • Go to My Orders and choose “Change Delivery Method.”
  • For more information on delivery method options, take a look at Shipping Large Items.

Change the shipping address:


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