Sony confirms that SmartWatch 3 will not have Android Wear 2.0

Recently, a Sony spokesman told media reporters: “We found that the current version of the system has performed well in terms of durability and stability, so Smart Watch 3 will not upgrade to the latest Android Wear 2.0 system.” This is sad news for users of this watch.

Smart Watch 3

Angry consumers signed a petition this week in the hope that Sony could push the Android Wear 2.0 update process forward. In fact, Sony’s system update speed has been criticized on smartphones, and the experience of UI interaction may not be as good as native Android.

Soon after this claim came out, the official list of devices that could upgrade Android 2.0 was released, and sure enough, Sony Smart Watch 3 was not on the list.

Upgrade Android Wear 2.0 List

Foreign media tried to find out the reason why Smart Watch 3 was abandoned from sporadic clues, and then they got the following information.

Sony’s third-generation Smart Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live, as well as the first-generation Moto 360 and LG Watch, are not upgraded to the latest systems, which means that these devices can’t access Google Play stores independently or run independently from mobile phones. In fact, it is not difficult to find that two of these devices have been released along with the first generation of Android Wear, so it is not improper not to upgrade.

But Sony Smart Watch 3 isn’t, so it’s as outrageous as the watch that shows NFC functionality but doesn’t support offline payments. As mentioned earlier, the offer was initiated by a user named David Ramrez-Piscina, who had 2 415 supporters by the time of publication. As long as the number of supporters reaches 2,500, Google and Sony need to consider their proposals.

Sony Smart Watch 3, launched in 2014, was the only Android Wear watch with a built-in GPS chip. Although there are rumors that Sony does not upgrade Smart Watch 3 because it intends to launch Smart Watch 4, judging from the current market situation, the fourth generation products may not be so likely to emerge.

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