Hoyatable created the world’s most expensive Smartwatch

Diamonds are an easy way to make any product that is very expensive, even last year’s Smartwatch model.

Usually, this is how expensive devices can be (and still be sold) when Apple sets the bar. IMac Pro is a typical example, costing more than $13,000 for the highest specification. But for smartwatches, Apple has been left to Dusty Hotels by watchmakers.

At the high end, an Apple watch at Best Buy costs $329.00 for $1349. However, the connection module of Hoya Watch is 45 full of diamonds, which is up to $197,000. The reason for the astonishing price is diamonds, 589 people to be exact. As an addiction technology report, Hoyable simply decided to take its $1650 45 Smartwatch connection module released and upgraded last year to look around, with diamonds worth 23.35 carats embedded.

In addition to jewelry, the watches you got last year were developed in partnership with Google and Intel, which means Intel Atom Z34 processor, 512 GB of memory, 4 GB of storage space, 1.4 inch AMOLED multi-touch display, Android wears 2.0, 25 hours of battery life, 410 mA of battery. There is also a set of antennas including wi-fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS.

The original modular 45 has options that cost as much as $17,000, but the complete diamond version is something else. It’s not for everyone. In fact, it’s not that 99.9% of people don’t spend $197 on watches or know that it’s better to spend money elsewhere.

The modular 45 full diamonds of Hoya Watch connection can be used to view the Beau-Rivage Palace in front of the ship moored in Geneva this week. Together, this will be a new modular model of 41mm connections and will also provide a new color spectrum. Now it’s 18 K platinum.

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