Sony Smart Watch 3 Beginner Evaluation

Sony’s latest wearable device takes a step away from many of its peers. Products such as LGG WatchR, Moto360 and Sus ZenWatch sought inspiration from previous works, while Smart Watch 3 went ahead and chose a more modern look. The following is our first evaluation of Sony Smart Watch on IFA 2014.

The first thing we notice is that the strap is so special that it stretches around the entire display screen. The strap is the same as last year’s Smart Watch 2 strap, but that’s not a good thing because rubber feels a little cheap at first hand. The streamlined screen of Yangchun Baixue, coupled with the watch strap of Lower Riba people, makes people feel that Smart Watch 3 is more like a fitness tracking watch than an elegant Smart watch.

Luckily, the essence of the watch itself, the fuselage, has improved significantly compared with the previous generation. The back cover is made of stainless steel and polished beautifully. Although there is still a gap compared with SusZenWatch, the texture of the entire SmartWatch 3 has been significantly improved. The clamps on the watch are also very solid and stylish.

This fully demonstrates that Sony is not trying to please the market that loves the appearance of traditional watches as Moto360 and GWatchR of LG do. Sony’s new work is not an attempt to hide under the watch’s appearance. It’s a fitness product that records life more than decorations. SmartWatch 3 has accelerometers, compasses, gyroscopes, GPS, all of which support this. In addition, its dust-proof and water-proof index has reached IP68, while the latest smart watch has only reached IP67.

In the IFA indoor exhibition hall, it is difficult to judge whether the watch display screen is bright enough in the outdoor sunshine, but the 1.6 inch 320×320 display of Smart Watch 3 looks sharp and bright enough, which is equivalent to LG’s GWatch flag.

Unlike Sony’s previous smart watches, the SmartWatch 3 exhibit uses Google’s Android Wear platform, and Android Wear’s notification card operates on SmartWatch 3 as smoothly as other devices on the same platform. Smart Watch 3 is very light and smaller than a round watch. It’s lightweight enough to make you forget the burden on your wrist.

The most interesting part is the link to change the strap. Unlike other manufacturers, Sony did not choose the standard 22mm strap to buckle up the fuselage, but wrapped the entire screen with a rubber strap. To replace the rubber strap, you simply press the fuselage out and stuff it into the new strap.

The bad thing is that users can’t use any 22mm straps, and the good news is that Sony has announced that it will add white and pink straps to its existing black and lemon green straps on release day.

Smart Watch 3 gives us a somewhat complex overall impression. The device feels a bit like the original LG GWatch, but the design is simpler to use, and the appearance is more mobile and streamlined. Designs that prefer fitness elements to traditional elements may appeal to those who do not like Moto360 and GWatchR traditional designs (or high prices).

Finally, the system was particularly praised, because the Sony homemade system used last year was very general. The replacement of the system is a welcome progress.

No official price or purchase channel has been announced, but it is expected to be available in the autumn.

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